Trump impeachment lawyer says he'll use video of Dems' own remarks at trial

“I think you can count on that,” said Castor. “If my eyes look a little red to the audience, it’s because I’ve watched a lot of videos.”

Early in the segment with Ingraham, Castor claimed “many cities are on fire and courthouses are under attack and federal agents are being attacked by street rioters cheered on by Democrats across the country,” apparently due to ongoing riots in Portland. Ore.

Trump repeatedly pushed hard against nationwide protests against racial justice, particularly the Black Lives Matter movement, over the past year.

Portland held more than 100 days of federal court protests after police killed George Floyd in May. Trump card misleadingly accused of left-wing violence in the city while downplaying the role of far-right groups.

Castor, who will defend Trump with attorney David Schoen, continued: “Many of you in Washington are really using the most inflammatory rhetoric there is. And certainly there would be no indication that they did anything to initiate any of the actions. “

“But here, when the President of the United States makes a speech and says that you should peacefully share your thinking with members of Congress, all of a sudden he’s a bad guy. Better be careful what you want, ”he continued.

The House impeachment executives have argued that Trump’s January 6 speech at the Capitol “was predictably causing unrest,” noting that Trump said, “If you don’t fight like hell, you will run out of land.”

Rep. Waters, D-Calif., At a rally in 2018 called on supporters to publicly confront Trump officials to protest the Trump administration’s child segregation policies, which many Republicans have been pointing out in defense of Trump.

However, any attempt to use the Democrats’ words against them might not be the focus. Castor told Ingraham that the “main problem” will be the argument that the Senate cannot indict Trump because he is no longer in office. Most Senate Republicans voted in favor of a motion last week that the Senate trial was unconstitutional because Trump is no longer president.

“Based on the logic of the House impeachment ruling, they can go back and indict Abraham Lincoln,” Castor told Ingraham. “You could charge Donald Trump if he were dead because he was out of office.”

Republican senators have urged Trump not to focus on false claims about the election in his defense. In short, Trump’s legal team denied that Trump tried to undermine the election results and said Trump had the right to voice his opinion on it. Castor said Friday on Fox that there had been a lot of “false information” about the letter’s allegations, arguing that Trump’s claims that he won “on a landslide” were not false.

“I don’t have to prove he was correct,” said Castor. “All I have to say is that you prove you were wrong.”

Castor and Schoen weren’t originally on Trump’s defense team when Trump’s first team left after disagreeing on whether to delve into Trump’s electoral claims. A Trump spokesman previously said he would “not testify in an unconstitutional trial.”

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