Home World News Trump returns to polarizing themes in Fourth of July address

Trump returns to polarizing themes in Fourth of July address

Trump returns to polarizing themes in Fourth of July address

“We will never allow an angry mob to tear down our statues, erase our history, indoctrinate our children, or trample our freedoms,” said the president, attacking demonstrators as “anarchist agitators” who “have absolutely no idea what.” Do you. ”

The Saturday speech, held on July 4 against the backdrop of a pandemic, record unemployment and nationwide protests, was a fundamental change from Trump’s 2019 Independence Day speech, which largely focused on patriotic and non-political issues.

And when the president had questions about his agenda for a possible second term, Trump hinted that his priorities will remain largely the same: low taxes, a strong military, religious freedom, and law and order.

“We should all want the same thing,” Trump said.

Trump also defended his government’s pandemic and blamed China for the virus.

“We have the most and best tests all over the world and we manufacture dresses, masks and surgical devices in our country, where they have so far been manufactured almost exclusively in foreign countries, especially in China. Ironically, this virus and others came from. Trump said, accusing the Chinese “deception” of allowing the virus to spread.

Trump devoted part of his media address to the media, which he claimed without evidence, “falsely and consistently calling their opponents racists.”

“If you make these false accusations, you are not only defaming me, you are not only defaming the American people, you are defaming generations of heroes who gave their lives for America,” Trump said.

The event in Washington, DC included overflights with military aircraft and is completed by fireworks in the National Mall. The crowd in the mall was light on Saturday when officials pushed for social detachment, WTOP reported.



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