Trump revokes rule preventing White House staff from lobbying

After advocating a pledge to “drain the swamp”, Donald Trump ended his presidency by repealing his own rule to prevent White House workers from lobbying.

Shortly after taking office, Trump signed an executive order banning commissioners from any lobbying related to their agency for five years, in addition to a lifetime ban on lobbying a foreign government. Every Trump appointee had to sign a pledge agreeing to these rules. But at the last minute early Wednesday, Trump reversed the order and kept the revolving door swinging in Washington.

When Trump signed his executive order with great enthusiasm in 2017, he joked that some of his aides “cannot go to work” after leaving his administration. But the reversal of Trump’s executive order on his last day in office appears to take some of the pressure off some of his staff after the appointed individuals struggled to find work in a democratically controlled capital.

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