Trump says the election is 'far from over'

Trump says the election is 'far from over'

US President Donald Trump said in a statement that he considered the election “far from over” as he reiterated unsubstantiated claims of fraudulent ballot papers and promised to pursue legal action.

He said, “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely claim he is a winner and why his media allies go out of their way to help him: They don’t want the truth to come out.” The simple fact is that this election is far from over.

“Joe Biden has not been certified as a state winner, let alone one of the highly competitive states that have mandatory recounts or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate winner.

“For example, in Pennsylvania, our law enforcement officers were not given meaningful access to track the counting process. Statutory votes decide who is president, not the news media. “

Mr. Trump added, “Starting Monday, our campaign will begin pursuing our case in court to ensure that electoral laws are fully complied with and the rightful winner is seated.

“The American people are entitled to an honest vote: that is, all legal ballots and not illegal ballots are counted.

“This is the only way to ensure that the public has full confidence in our election.

“It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree to this rationale and that ballot papers, even if they are fraudulent, are made or cast by ineligible or deceased voters.

“Only a party involved in misconduct would illegally keep observers out of the counting room – and then fight in court to block their access.

“So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American people have the honest number of votes they deserve and democracy demands. “



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