Trump teases new coronavirus distancing guidelines based on county risk

However, it is uncertain how effective such labels might be in containing the virus, as asymptomatic carriers could move from region to region undetected. Only this week the administration asked anyone who would do this I was recently in New York City, the new outbreak epicenter, to quarantine myself after health experts raised questions about whether people who had fled the city were spreading the virus to other areas.

And before more governors, in the name of social distancing, ordered the closing of “non-essential” shops such as bars and restaurants, some heads of state complained that a patchwork of different policies in neighboring countries was undermining their stricter restrictions.

Trump’s letter did not set a date for the publication or implementation of the county-to-county guidelines. But he didn’t mention the Easter period he spoke of on Tuesday when he said he wanted the country to “open up and go barely before the holidays.”

The omission could indicate that he is following the advice of medical experts who have warned that it is too early to override current national guidelines.

Trump’s recent proposal is also a sign of the growing confidence of members of the President’s Coronavirus Task Force in the introduction of tests – and the hope of the administration to use this test data more strategically.

“Every day, our increasingly extensive testing capabilities give us a better understanding of the virus and its path,” the President wrote Thursday, adding that the new information “will advance the next phase of our war against this invisible enemy.”

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