Trump Toady Mark Meadows Is Running a Legal Group That Promotes White Rights

Last seen in public (via email anyway) promoting a conspiracy theory that Italian satellites stole the 2020 election for President Joe Biden, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows actually has a terrible new venture: working with Stephen Miller called on an effort America First Legalwhich should actually be called Whites First Legal. On behalf of White Texans who run at least one of the Lost Cajun chain’s 25 restaurants, they recently succeeded in getting a federal judge to stop the Small Business Administration-owned company-owned covid aid fund from paying out restaurants by women, veterans and people of color, and blocking already approved funds for nearly 3,000 troubled businesses.

This may seem like little potatoes or little crayfish if you prefer, given all we learn about the efforts made by Meadows and others to help Trump steal the election. But these scandals are related; That’s what will happen if the Democrats don’t hold these people accountable. Mark Meadows would spend years testifying on Congressional control boards, criminal trials, and perhaps even serving time in prison. (Not positive about the last point.) Instead, he (still) makes money promoting white supremacy.

Also on America First Legal’s board of directors? Former Assistant Attorney General Matthew Whitaker, the Marcy Wheeler labeled with “Big Dick toilet sellerSeriously, Whitaker was once on the board of fraudulent World Patent Marketing, which actually sold a patent for a “male toilet product” to meet the needs of poor, besieged, and gifted men. You may recall Whitaker succeeding Jeff Sessions as attorney general after Trump kicked him to the curb and before the criminally savage president found his Roy Cohn, William Barr.

Not only Meadows, but Miller, Whitaker, and of course Barr, should never forget or let go of the abuse of power they instigated and committed while working for the disgraced, twice-accused ex-president. They should be included in congressional statements and court appointments indefinitely. Tuesdays Publication of a treasure trove of completely corrupt emails, from Meadows and others to the Department of Justice, sad sacks holding bags when Barr escaped is just one of many departmental scandals we’ve heard of in the past 10 days. We know that as yet unidentified Justice Department officials also sought communications data from journalists, House Democrats (and their staff and family), and White House attorney Don McGahn, for unclear but clearly legally questionable reasons.

In the emails just released by the House Oversight Committee, we see the drama of Trump and his few remaining White House favorites begging the Justice Department for Barr to support their ridiculous attempts to reverse the election results. By far the most ridiculous request came directly from Meadows himself. The subject line – “Brad Johnson: Rome, Satellites, Servers: an Update” – referred to a conspiracy theory that Italian communications technology was used to trick US voting machines into voting papers Trump to switch to Biden. It was about as insane as MP Marjorie Taylor Greene’s theory that a “Jewish space laser“Was responsible for the forest fires in California. When acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen sent it to his Assistant Attorney General Richard Donohue, the latter shot back: “Pure madness. “


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