Trump wanted a quick tax break. His appointees are now stuck with big bills.

That shocked and angry some.

A former officer called her $ 1,300 bill “unacceptable” and said she and her colleagues “gave our agency the time and effort and that is how we are being paid back.”

Another said to pay nearly $ 1,200: “It’s just a very unfortunate situation.”

It’s a little-noticed addendum to Trump’s much-criticized plan last summer to stimulate the economy.

In August, it issued an executive order that allowed employers to postpone paying their employees’ share of the 12.4 percent social security tax for the remainder of the year. The idea was to boost consumer spending by putting more money in the pockets of millions.

However, the initiative was largely opposed by private sector employers, partly because they feared workers would not be prepared to repay the money.

However, it was mandatory for federal employees to earn less than $ 4,000 per fortnightly paycheck, and the government began implementing it in September.

Trump often said he expected Congress to eventually cancel the debt. Legislators did not do this, despite having agreed to give people more time to repay the money. While the IRS originally wanted the money to be repaid between January and late April this year – corresponding to the four-month delay – Congress agreed to give people the chance to repay it this year.

For current federal employees, taxes will now be gradually withheld from their paychecks.

Often overlooked, however, were people who left the government because it left office or retired – but, perhaps more likely because they were political candidates who had to go with Trump’s defeat.

Some of these former candidates say they are not blaming Trump even if his initiative now comes back to prosecute them.

“I thought it was a good plan – I don’t think it has the traction it deserves,” said a former commissioner. “I just wish I had the option to sign out.”

Some point a finger at President Joe Biden.

“I find it really hypocritical that the Biden government, which spends trillions on mailing checks, is demanding that former government employees who went to the office every day are now forced to return hard-earned money on a program, for that I haven’t made up my mind at all, “said another person.

The former officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they said they did not want to be viewed as publicly critical of the postponement initiative.

A White House spokesman noted that Biden did not support the payroll tax plan.

“President Biden fought vigorously last year against the former administration’s payroll tax plan for jeopardizing the retirement savings of hard-working Americans, and the country agreed – to send it to the White House,” said Mike Gwin.

“Now in office, the president has focused on bringing economic relief to the Americans who really need it most and successfully getting our economy back on its feet.”

While agencies require former employees to repay the debt immediately, they should give it the ability to repay the money in installments with no penalties or interest – much like what would have happened if they had stayed in the government.

Some who have left have also withheld taxes owed from their final paychecks.

But a former commissioner who said he made just over $ 50,000 for Trump said the installment plan was harder than it was worth, even if he was stuck paying his $ 1,200 bill.

“In the end, I just wrote it down on a credit card.”

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