Trump Wants Another ‘Bush v. Gore’

A television at the White House shows Al Gore giving his concession speech

Democrats are rightly angry at the extreme rush with which Trump’s White House and his Senate allies are rushing to fill the Supreme Court post opened by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As of this morning, Trump hasn’t even announced a candidate, but Senators like Lindsey Graham from South Carolina have reassure the public that Trump’s election will be upheld, which calls into question the constitutional role of “advice and consent”. It is likely that the future candidate will take the seat before the next inauguration – and possibly before the presidential election.

There are many procedural grounds for appealing this sprint to the country’s highest court, not least because it violates the principle previously affirmed by many Republican senators that there has been no confirmation of a presidential term in the past year.

Constitutional and procedural objections aside, there’s also the eerie fact that Trump is open about designing a court to prepare for a litigation over the November elections.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Trump said“We need nine judges. You need this. With the millions of unsolicited ballots they send out, this is a scam. It’s a joke. Everyone knows that. And the Democrats know better than anyone. So you need nine judges up there. I think it will be very important because what they are doing is joking with the ballot. ”

Nor can Trump’s words be dismissed as empty noise of the kind to which he is often prone. The same day that Trump spoke, Vice President Mike Pence appeared on the Lou Dobbs show on Fox News and made a similar argument. “With all of the talk of universal unsolicited postal ballot papers that states across the country are extending deadlines, there is a possibility that electoral problems could come to the Supreme Court in the days after the election,” said Pence asserts. “All the more we should have nine Supreme Court justices to solve any problems that may arise then or in any other matter.” ONE story just published in The Atlantic documents that Republican officials “discuss contingency plans to circumvent election results and appoint loyal voters in battlefield states where Republicans have a legislative majority.”

Commentary on Trump’s words, earlier Washington Post Reporter Matt O’Brien written down on Twitter: “Trump is like a Bond villain who can’t help but tell us about his plan to rig the elections.” That tells his supporters to vote in person so that he wins the votes … cast himself on election day and then sued to prevent postal ballot papers from being counted. Bush versus Gore 2.0 is the plan. ” New York Times Columnist Jamelle Bouie came to the same conclusion von Pence’s words, “Your plan to ‘win’ the election is Bush versus Gore over steroids.”



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