Trump went 'ballistic' after being tossed off Twitter

So was much of the political universe obsessed with Twitter for the past four years, when Trump used the medium to fire advisors, sink legislative initiatives, encourage social coercion, and ultimately praise MAGA believers’ scores Days after hundreds of them ransacked the Capitol.

In a White House statement, Trump said he had “negotiated with various other locations” while “we are also examining the possibilities of building our own platform in the near future”. But the helpers did not disclose what plans were in the works. As Trump’s eldest son, Don Jr. offered create a url For those who wanted to keep track of his father’s whereabouts, it was a website that had been bought in 2009 and, in recent years, a place where his books have been sold. For those who signed up, an email was sent in which he pocketed his latest work: “Liberal Privilege”.

“As you know, the election comes before the competition that took place two months ago,” it said.

For Trump, the Twitter ban was another inglorious passage in the final chapter of his presidency. For the past two days he has been admonished by his own aides, punished by Republicans, and threatened again with impeachment.

During all of this he was unusually quiet – initially temporarily banned from the main social media platforms, but also not ready to speak to the press. The public only saw him through awkwardly edited videos from the White House. In one, he pushed for an end to the riots while sticking to the fiction that his election had been stolen. In another case, he admitted that he would not serve a second consecutive term.

There are also no plans to get out of the cocoon right away. A White House official said there were initial internal talks between White House aides and Trump about a “final farewell interview.” But the officer added, “I’m not sure they will bear fruit,” much to the officer’s chagrin.

“I don’t want this administration’s lasting impression to be what happened in the Capitol,” the official said. “We have many accomplishments from this administration that should be highlighted so that we can make a good final impression.”

Trump took office, boasting that he was the “140 character Hemingway”. He owed Twitter in particular the support of his political ascent. More than 56,000 tweets laterHe leaves it relegated to the internet’s outer provinces in the midst of a futile game of Whac-A-Mole with the tech moguls he despises.

If Trump’s presidency ends this way, it will be a notable final grade. As a candidate for office, he was ubiquitous – at times – posting outrageous shots on Twitter, making headlines on cable news broadcasts, and getting camera’s attention even when the podium he was supposed to hold a campaign rally on was empty. Now he’s increasingly isolated and stepping back from the limelight. His favorite bullhorn is gone; Oh, and the presidency too.

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