Trump’s Congressional Co-Conspirators Are Just As Guilty as the President

President Trump violated his oath preserve, protect, and defend the United States Constitution when he called on a seditious mob to attack the U.S. Capitol as part of a failed attempt to reverse the 2020 presidential election results. Trump was charged for this on Wednesday, from a 232-197 Vote of the House of Representatives.

A majority of the house recognized the truth of the call from Maryland Democrat Representative Jamie Raskin, who served as the executive manager for the second impeachment, “We have a solemn duty to protect our democracy and constitution.”

But it was nowhere near the unanimous vote that it should have been.

Republican opponents of accountability on Wednesday refused to acknowledge Trump’s incitement to insurrection, reiterated the president’s lies and conspiracy theories, and dismissed the impeachment vote as a “televised spectacle” – confirming the observation of Representative Maxine Waters as the “Republican Party” now the Trump Party. ”

Wednesday’s urgent vote on the indictment will not be received with the same urgency by the Senate. Just as the Senate Republicans prevented Trump’s removal a year ago, all indications are that they are ready to thwart the judiciary again. Despite now criticizing the president whom he has served so diligently for the past four years, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky on Wednesday denied urging New York Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer to call the Senate back for immediate hearing . Even if a trial of Trump were to take place after he stepped down on January 20, as is now being proposed, there is little evidence that a majority of Senate Republicans would be willing to condemn the 45th President and dismiss him looking for a new ruled out presidential term in 2024.

Much was done on Wednesday by the handful of Republicans who actually voted for impeachment. But only 10 Republican members – less than 5 percent of the Congress – did the right thing.

Most Republicans refused to break with Trump. Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, the member of the judiciary committee who led the anti-impeachment forces on Wednesday, actually reiterated the same outlandish claims about the 2020 election that Trump used to ignite the mob that marched on the Capitol a week earlier was. Jordan and his colleagues attacked Democrats who supported Black Lives Matter demonstrations that expressed legitimate concerns about past elections and who charged Trump with high crimes and misdemeanors in 2019. North Carolina Republican Dan Bishop actually claimed the impeachment decision was “an incitement.”

James McGovern of Massachusetts, a disgruntled chairman of the House Rules Committee, replied that Jordan and his allies are still “showing up on this floor talking about whataboutism and trying to make these false equivalences. Give me a break.”


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