Trump’s Coup Attempt Is Far From Finished

“Undermining Justice,” the 394-page report Released last week by the Senate Judiciary Committee on the machinations of disgraced former President Donald Trump to overturn the results of the 2020 election, outlines the details of a coup plan that narrowly failed.

This is a fact none of us can overlook as Trump continues to spread his big lies about the last presidential election and send more and more ominous signals about his intention to run for the next one. The facts of the former president’s sedition, now more detailed than ever, should inspire Congressmen and state election officials to act on the dictates of the Constitution to deter Trump from ever holding public office again.

There was lively conversation after Trump instigated the deadly riot on Jan. 6 to hold him accountable for Section 3 of the 14th amendment, which was issued after the Civil War to combat the betrayal of the former Confederates. This section of the Constitution states that anyone “who has previously taken an oath as a member of Congress or as a United States official in support of the United States Constitution, [and then] have committed an uprising or rebellion against them, or have given help or consolation to their enemies ”, the exercise of the office is prohibited.

The conversation faded as Congress focused on an impeachment process that won bipartisan support but ultimately failed to get the 67 Senate votes required to convict the former president. This new Senate report, with its dramatic additional evidence of Trump’s sedition, more than justifies a renewed discussion of the use of the 14th Amendment to Disqualify Trump.

A 14th change strategy is not a radical concept. In fact, US MP Jamie Raskin, the Maryland Democrat who was the senior House impeachment manager, said of those disqualified under the 14th Standard of Amendment, “Donald Trump is right in the middle of that group …”

Raskin has argued that there could be “imaginable positive statements from state lawmakers, from Congress, from other institutions” to emphasize this point.

“So we’d have to find out and do more research,” added Raskin, a constitutional law professor, before his election to Congress. “But the point is, the constitutional purpose is clear to prevent people like Donald Trump and other union traitors from holding public office.”

This is the time to refocus on the 14th Amendment, especially as former Trump National Security Council official Fiona Hill has stated that the ex-President is “contemplating returning to what he is more than the Crown because as presidency in 2024 sees “. Your dire warning, in a recent Politico interview, “If he successfully returns to the presidency in 2024, democracy will be over.”


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