Trump’s Covid recovery puts MAGA on steroids

Trump’s Covid recovery puts MAGA on steroids

Meanwhile, Trump’s activity was received differently across much of the country.

Some, including House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, wondered if his whiplash tweet storms – which appeared after a lengthy hiatus on social media – were triggered by the steroids he was receiving for the coronavirus. Several Republican lawmakers questioned his back-and-forth moves during coronavirus relief talks. Medical specialists feared he was again misleading the public about the coronavirus. The legal community reiterated fears that a president was ordering arrests.

The forked response is just the latest example of how the Trump dictations and boasting, which many find confusing or worrying, are actually well attuned to an important segment of the population. And it is a phenomenon that has been more pronounced since Trump became infected with the coronavirus. The heightened veneration – sometimes almost deification – was accompanied by Trump’s willingness to return love. Trump introduced himself as “your favorite president” in his first video message after leaving the hospital. And since then, his only public appearances have been three interviews on his favorite Fox news shows and essentially two hours of co-hosting Rush Limbaugh’s Friday radio show.

MAGA World, said former Tea Party Congressman and ex-Trump supporter Joe Walsh, is in full ride-or-die mode.

“Personally, I think Trump will lose a lot,” said Walsh, now a radio host. “But I think his faithful, faithful base will go down with him in the ship. You cling to him. I mean hold on tight “

And Trump strengthens the bond.

“Keep it up,” Trump said on Limbaugh’s show when asked about his message to supporters. “You’re awesome. You understand better than the people who look at this stuff.”

During his presidency, the Trump base never wavered seriously to support him. But in recent days, that backing seems to have been boosted by Trump’s fight against Covid-19, a disease that has killed more than 210,000 Americans.

Trump’s illness raised the prospect that the president would be fired for the remainder of the election and forced him to end the signature rallies Trump held despite the pandemic guidelines. And the coronavirus outbreak in the White House has found resonance in the polls: Biden has the lead over Trump grown, both nationwide and in swing states, and the majority of Americans said The president hadn’t taken proper precautions to protect himself from infection.

And when Trump got out of the hospital and tried to negotiate coronavirus aid, some Republicans and typical Conservative allies were open about their frustration. Brian Kilmeade, Fox News presenter angry Trump’s back and forth tactics have “cost people a lot of money” and temporarily pushed the stock market down. And when Trump got criticism of his administration’s coronavirus protocols, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell appeared in appearance I Agree of the concerns, said he had stopped going to the White House because “their approach to dealing with it was different from mine”.

But for his base it was the best bits of Trump’s personality – combat readiness, “Art of the Deal” style brinkmanship, vigorous health – full of steroids.

Lee Stranahan, a former Breitbart reporter who now hosts a populist show on Sputnik Radio, a Russian-owned network, said as long as he meets those core requirements – beating up the media, democrats and progressives – all else is forgiven whether or not it is rattles stock markets or sick White House employees.

“You don’t see anything that doesn’t look like Trump,” he said.

Stranahan added that every Trump move – no matter how inexplicable it seems to the general public – has an underlying rationale.

“You are like” We don’t want to see a virtual debate; This proposal will only benefit Biden, ”he said. “And so it doesn’t seem unpredictable. It seems logical. ”

And logic is often tied to the animus of the Democrats and the media.

“The general feeling under Trump is that the media was really on guard” when the president caught coronavirus, “Stranahan said.” They really didn’t want him to get well. “

And the campaign continued to take advantage of that sentiment this week and continue to violate pandemic best practices.

Donald Trump Jr. held one crowded indoor event in Florida while several people attending the coronavirus-riddled white house ceremony for Amy Coney Barrett were in attendance to travel across the country instead of quarantining and taking maskless photos with high profile Republicans.

And Trump himself immediately returns to campaign mode. On Saturday he will address hundreds of supporters on the South Meadow of the White House and talk about “law and order” before an audience is brought together by conservative expert Candace Owens, who encourages black Americans to leave the Democratic Party. On Monday he will drive to his first official MAGA rally in Covid in Sanford, Florida.

While Trump’s doctor Sean Conley has temporarily given Trump the green light to restart events from Saturday – the 10-day mark after his diagnosis – it is unclear whether Trump is no longer contagious.

The only element that Walsh said Trump could lose some die-hard supporters during this time is the sheer exhaustion of following him. By the way, everything is just Trump as Trump.

“He’s still beating the media,” he said. “And they love that he calls people who they think are bad too. He still gives them enough every day and every week to feed them to keep them going. ”

And while there has been a higher-than-normal concentration of Trump over the past week, the fundamental impulses have not changed.

With that in mind, Stranahan said, the MAGA world is on steroids, just like Trump did during his recovery in Covid. And steroids, he said, “make you feel good.”


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