Try New Zealand, Egypt or Barcelona for a visit – without leaving the UK

Vacationers hope to broaden their horizons as global governments further relax restrictions in place during the pandemic.

When travelers plan to travel in the next few months, destination choices can be inspired by more humble locations near where they live.

Online travel agency Love vacation has scoured the UK to determine the hamlets, villages, towns and cities that share their names with some of the world’s most famous travel destinations while delving a little deeper into the interesting history behind their famous names.

The nation was found to be home to more than 20 small towns and villages named after famous global travel destinations.

Britain’s own New Zealand is just outside the town of Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Interestingly, New Zealand got its title from a specific breed of cattle raised in this quaint hamlet.

A little further south is Barcelona, ​​Cornwall, just a few miles from the seaside town of Looe. Barcelona is named after a heroic figure from the Catalan city who rescued a member of the Trelawney family from a shipwreck.

There is also a New York in Lincolnshire – a small hamlet in the country – while there is another village with the same name in Tyne & Wear. There’s even an area in Birmingham called Hollywood – but it’s not as star studded as its California counterpart.

Just a mile from the town of Thornton in West Yorkshire is England’s very own Egypt. The city is surrounded by high walls nicknamed “The Walls of Jericho”, possibly in connection with the invasion of Egypt by Napoleon.

Try New Zealand, Egypt or Barcelona for a visit - without leaving the UK 1

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Perth, Holland, Palestine and Kingston are just a few exotic destinations that share their famous name with British cities.

A spokesman for Loveholidays said: “We know many people dream of their first getaway after the pandemic, but in the meantime the UK has an abundance of fascinating travel destinations.

“Our research reveals that the UK is home to some surprisingly named places, many of which share names with famous global travel destinations. You may never have been on your radar, but there has never been a better time to add some closer destinations to your bucket list. “

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