TSMC already works in the manufacture of chips in 2 nanometers

TSMC: Still surprised by the realization of the five nanometer processors, which Apple announced with great magnificence at the launch of its M1 for personal computers last November, we have already heard some rumors about the manufacture of chips with 3 nm. But now Taiwanese manufacturer TSMC prepares the lithography manufacturing process to an impressive two nanometers.

When news was expected about possible generations of processors with three nanometers, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) not only confirmed the start of production in this architecture, but also announced that it has already started the research and development phase for chip manufacturing with a distance of two nanometers between the transistors.

Swaying with the prospect that the novelties of this lithography could appear as early as 2023, the Taiwanese giant is preparing the design of the test platforms, the fabrication of photo membranes and the pilot production of silicon. To complete the project, TSMC will invest US $ 100 billion (R $ 557 billion) over the next three years to expand processor production, according to the Bloomberg website.

According to the information service, a large part of this investment will go to the development of new production technologies, including 2nm lithography. It is speculated that TSMC can even build a new exclusive unit for serial manufacturing of processors with the new architecture, which will use the Ultra Violet Extreme (EUV) process using plasma and lasers.

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