Tucker Carlson’s Nightly Toxicity Is Poisoning His Brain

Tucker Carlson continues to lose it. I saw how he lost it for a while. His white nationalism is on display every evening. But he increases it when he pushes his Great Replacement Theory, which says that white Americans are “replaced” by non-white immigrants and Democrats are pushing open immigration policies to expedite the process – because they expect these non-whites for them vote, which gives them an eternal ban on political power.

On Tuesday night’s show, he went a step crazier and described the Democrats’ alleged plans as “picky packing”. “The Democratic Party’s immigration policy is to transform the United States’ population so that it is guaranteed to win any further election,” he told his Fox News audience. “This is an attack on democracy. Devalues ​​your vote. ”

Oddly enough, he claimed to find evidence that voters were in one piece from Washington Post Columnist Jennifer Rubin on why Democrats shouldn’t give up Texas politically. (He also called her “the stupidest person who ever had a newspaper column”; he never had one.)

Carlson read a short quote from the column: “The Democratic hopes that the demographics would bring Texas were not false, but perhaps just premature. The 2020 congressional election indicated that while the battle for Hispanic votes remains competitive, the sprawling suburbs around the major cities of Texas are becoming increasingly moderate. ”

And that was his proof: “In other words, crows Jen Rubin, the Great Replacement plan is working! It helps the Democratic Party! That’s the whole point!”

Um, no, that’s not the point of the Democrats’ immigration policy or Rubin’s column.

Even the excerpt that Carlson read aloud contradicted his own high-pitched claims. If “the battle for Hispanic votes remains competitive” – ​​and indeed, Republicans gained ground among both Latinos and black voters in 2020 – it shows that the “Hispanic” vote is not reliably blue, as some analysts had predicted that it was inevitable. There is no demographic determinism in Rubin’s sensible column; But on the contrary.

She goes on to find reasons for the election optimism of the Texas Democrats in surprising places – with the Republicans. Two-thirds of Texas GOP voters believe abortion should be legal at least for rape and incest, including a majority of Republicans; the shameful new Texas law makes it illegal. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is becoming increasingly unpopular even with GOP voters, and he has major Republican challengers. Opinions there are even changing on guns, she wrote, citing polls that showed a majority of Texan voters support more gun safety laws.

But the point of the column, I believe, was to argue that the candidacy of Matthew Dowd, a former Republican like herself, for lieutenant governor is an opportunity to move healthy Republicans from Trumpism (and Trumpy Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick) to moderate ones pull Democrats in 2022. In fairness, I have to point out that Dowd will have a main challenger with longtime Texan Democrat Mike Collier, who was just 4.8 points away from Patrick four years ago, and perhaps others.

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