Turkey farmer warns people to get their orders in for Christmas

A turkey farmer advises people to get their orders now to make sure they are not disappointed.

Richard Botterill runs a farm in Grantham with his father G. B Geese – and they sell to farm shops and butchers rather than supermarkets.

He said people had already ordered their Christmas dinner centerpieces due to growing fears of labor shortages.

When asked about customer concern about the Christmas turkey shortage, Richard said and Lincolnshire Live that he received orders for turkeys a month earlier than normal.

“We are sure to find that people order much earlier. Probably about a month earlier than what they would normally do.

“At this time of year we send out our flyers and inform people about our work, with the belief that people will order in the next few weeks until November.

“We noticed that people have been ordering from the website for the last week or 10 days.

“We’re probably about 10 or 15 percent ahead of the numbers we got around this time last year.”

Richards Farm has a year-round self-employed Christmas team as well as a number of European employees with UK subsidiary status.

While there is no shortage of turkey or staff, Richard would encourage people to order their turkeys based on the early orders they have already received.

He said, “I don’t think there will be any shortages but if you want something like a free range bronze turkey you have to order it as there are only a limited number of them.

“As soon as we lost our number that we can produce, that was it.

“If that happens in early December, we’ll have to close our order book. We can’t pull them out of nowhere.”

Richard also said that people are becoming more aware of the process behind the stock and that they don’t just show up on the shelves.

He said: “Everyone becomes more aware and thinks a little bit more ahead of what is actually good.

“I think we will appreciate the people who are involved in this process a little more.

“There are things out there, it’s just the last link in getting it to the consumer.”

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