Home Tech tvOS 14 is released! How to install tvOS 14?

tvOS 14 is released! How to install tvOS 14?

tvOS 14 is released! How to install tvOS 14?

Introducing the new tvOS version in June, Apple finally ended users’ waiting. The update released as of today (September 16) brings many new features. However, many software such as tvOS were released before new iPhone models due to COVID-19 and it was a first. So how to install tvOS 14, which attracts attention with its features? Details are in our news.

We also shared the details of the iOS 14 update with you. If you wish, you can find how to install the update here.

How to install tvOS 14?

Updating your Apple TV is essential for the device to enjoy the latest features. Don’t forget to check your network connection to download the update. The update time will vary depending on the speed of your network connection. You can follow the steps below to update Apple TV.

Click “Check for Updates” in Settings -> System -> Software Updates. If the update has arrived on your device, click Download and Install.

While answering the question of how to install tvOS 14, you can also allow your Apple TV to do these updates automatically. If you want your Apple TV to automatically download and install these updates, you can follow the steps below.

Go to Settings -> System -> Software Updates and select the “Update Automatically” option.

After these steps, Apple TV will automatically update its firmware if connected to the Internet after it is turned on.

tvOS 14 features

One of the innovations that come with tvOS 14 is for those who love to play games. With this feature, which is similar to the resume feature used in PlayStation and Xbox models, users will be able to quickly resume the game they play. In addition, multi-profile support has also been introduced for Apple Arcade users. Thus, each user will be able to use a unique profile.

Another remarkable detail among tvOS 14 features is the picture-in-picture feature. Videos will continue to play in one corner of the screen as users switch between apps. In addition, HomeKit support is also available with the new version. Thus, many smart objects you use in your home become more compatible with tvOS 14.

In addition, software support was also provided for Xbox Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive controllers, which Microsoft released last year.



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