"Twin sisters" discover they were adopted at birth in chance meeting on TikTok

Two mothers who met on TikTok revealed the deep secrets of their two families through their chance encounter.

Cheng Keke and Zhang Li were amazed at how similar they looked, and it turned out that the 30-year-olds also have the same birthday.

Not only that, but they share the blood type and have a mole over their left eyebrow, which further increases their suspicions.

When they faced their separated families, they found that they were both adopted by their parents when they were babies in Gongyi.

The bomb news has now led women to believe that they are long lost twins. Newsweek Reports.

Cheng told Henan Television that when she first informed Zhang about Douyin – the Chinese version of TikTok – she was initially mistaken for a scam.

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She told the TV station, “I sent her (Zhang) a private message saying, ‘You should ask your parents how many daughters they have.'”

Cheng said she persuaded Zhang to chat with her by sending her a selfie that showed how similar they looked.

Both women found that they were adopted as babies by their families

“When we had our first video call, it was like talking to myself,” said Cheng, adding, “it was like looking in the mirror.”

Cheng traveled 30 miles last month to meet Zhang for the first time, and after seeing each other face to face, they are now convinced that they are twin sisters.

The 30 year olds said they will only have a DNA test if their families give them their blessings

Both said their families admitted they adopted them in Gongyi when they were babies.

However, neither parent has any documentation to prove the adoption that would have been issued to them at that time.

Cheng and Zhang, who are both married and have children, are now planning a DNA test to see if their suspicions are correct.


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