Twins nearly killed by croc 'told there were no crocodiles' before savage attack

A friend of a woman who was ravaged by a crocodile spoke of the terrible attack and told the group that there were no crocodiles in the water.

Elliot Scott described the horrific moment when Melissa Laurie was saved in blood-soaked scenes that would stay with him forever.

He went on to claim that the tour guide reassured the group of tourists that there were no crocodiles in the water and told them it was safe just before the brutal attack that nearly killed his girlfriend.

Melissa was dragged underwater in a “death roll” by a crocodile when she and her sister Georgia were swimming in a lagoon near Puerto Escondido, Mexico on Sunday.

The British zookeeper fought for her life after being rescued from the jaws of a crocodile by her heroic and quick-thinking identical twin.

Mr. Scott told the daily mail he was with the couple with a group of 23 tourists on the excursion to the lagoon.

He remembered the calm before the terrible incident and said, “The scenery was incredible. We saw flocks of herons in the mangrove swamps and other exotic birds. There was a lot of energy on the boat. We were young, we were travelers, we had .. . Fun.

“Someone asked, ‘Are there crocodiles?’ and the guide said no it was safe. “

He said that sometime after 6pm the tour guide rushed up to him.

Mr Scott told the newspaper, “He said, ‘Now pack up all of your things – we’re going’. I knew the twins weren’t back from their walk and I wouldn’t go without them, but then with someone else said words that said, ‘there was a crocodile attack’ or ‘someone was bitten’ so I packed all my bags and ran to the boat. “

He added that he next saw the twins, with Georgia cradling Melissa soaked in blood, and it was a sight “that would stay in my memory forever”.

He went on to praise the way Georgia had dealt with the terrible incident, saying that she never took her eyes off her twin and sang for her to calm her down.

An American saltwater crocodile

The extent of Melissa’s injuries later became clear when she was towed into a boat.

Georgia said her twin is coughing blood and saying, “I’m drowning, I’m drowning”. She had been lying face down in the water and kept passing out.

Previously, she described how she fought the beast three times and “punched it in the nose” to protect her sister from the 7-foot reptile.

She suffered stab wounds, a broken wrist, cuts on her stomach, and doctors feared she would develop sepsis.

She was rushed to a hospital in Puerto Escondido, and Georgia was also treated for bites and cuts on her arms and legs.

Melissa went into a coma while recovering from her injuries.

Melissa recorded a voice message and said, “I am extremely grateful that I got out alive and that Georgia fought on my side for me. I’m very happy for that. “


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