Twisted hospital porter admits depraved sex offences against boys aged 6

A former porter at Great Ormond Street Hospital has admitted sex offenses against six boys aged six and over 35 years old.

Paul Farrell, 55, pleaded guilty to 58 child sexual offenses committed between 1985 and 2020, including attempted rape, sexual assault on a child under 13, and indecent photos of children.

The indictment relates to six victims who cannot be named for legal reasons and who are now between eight and 43 years old.

The youngest was between six and seven years old when he was mistreated in 1988.

Farrell held a number of positions between 1994 and 2020 including a porter at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in central London.

Wood Green Crown Court heard that at least two victims alleged they were sexually abused by Farrell in the hospital.

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But Judge Noel Lucas said Friday: “Prosecutors made it clear that this is not a case of alleging that Mr Farrell targeted children at Great Ormond Street Hospital, but that children were molested in parts of the hospital where he was had access. “

The Metropolitan Police said Farrell was arrested for the first time on Jan. 16 and appeared in Highbury Magistrates’ Court after charges.

However, according to the charges, his offense lasted until June this year, when a boy under 13 was sexually assaulted “while in lockdown”.

Farrell appeared on Friday at Wood Green Crown Court in north London wearing a red jacket over a blue sweater and glasses to plead guilty to 33 charges.

When asked by the judge why there are so many charges, prosecutor Paul Douglas said, “Regarding (one applicant), the offense was frequent over a 10-year period, there were different types of offenses.”

Farrell previously admitted 25 charges at a previous hearing.

The 58 charges he has found guilty include: two cases of indecency with a child; 17 counts of indecent bodily harm to a man; 14 sexual assaults on a child under 13 years of age; five cases of a child under the age of 13 engaging in sexual activities; four sexual activities with a child under 13 years of age; eight sexual activities with a child under 16 years of age; three cases of a child under the age of 16 engaging in sexual activities; two cases of attempted rape; Three points for taking naughty photos of children.

Farrell has denied 21 additional charges, including: 11 charges of indecent assault on a man; a count of attempted rape of a child under the age of 13; six sexual assaults on a child under the age of 13; a count of sexual activity with a child under 16 years of age; a rape; a count of the payment for a child’s sexual services.

Twisted hospital porter admits depraved sex offences against boys aged 6 1

Great Ormond Street Hospital said in a statement Wednesday, “These are truly terrible allegations and we know our hospital community, including our patient families, will have concerns or questions.

“Due to ongoing legal proceedings, we cannot go into the details of the case, but we can confirm that the accused has been released from the trust and we continue to work closely with the police.

“Child protection is fundamental to our care and our policies are in line with national best practices.

“When patients, their families or colleagues raise concerns about staff, there is a clear and fast process to address those concerns when they are raised. This includes involving the police when necessary.”

The next hearing will take place on February 5th next year.


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