Twitch’s Legendary Streamer Ninja Returns

Twitch’s Legendary Streamer Ninja Returns

Streamer Ninja, one of Twitch’s prominent names but switched to another platform last year, returned with a special deal with Twitch.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has been very active over the past year. The famous broadcaster first left the Twitch platform for a serious amount and transferred to Mixer. Built on the leftovers of Facebook Gaming, the platform had to lower the shutters at the end of June when it could not achieve the expected breakthrough.

Ninja was one of the lucky few who survived the Mixer wreck with little damage last August, and managed to put a million dollars in his pocket. The broadcaster has now signed a new contract with Twitch.

Long-term contract with Twitch

The famous broadcaster has also made sure that he will be on Twitch screens once again with his sharing on Twitter. This deal stands out as a pretty big deal in many ways, especially considering what has happened since last year.

After Ninja’s departure, his channel was not well managed and adult content was broadcast on the channel. On the other hand, considering that Blevins is the most memorable figure for many people in the publishing field, it would not be surprising that he received a new contract.

By returning to Twitch, the broadcaster also ended the rumors about which platform to switch to. The publisher, one of the old faces of the platform, will once again be one of the most viewed on the site. The publisher will be more free this time.

Broadcasts start tonight


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