Twitter and Facebook Just Proved That Deplatforming Works

We now have evidence that the greatest threat to American democracy was not the violent rioters who stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6, but the evil Republicans who work in the Capitol and who spent two months telling the “big lie.” to stir up in which the elections were stolen first place. We also have evidence that ex-President Donald Trump could never have threatened democratic self-government without the help of social media companies. And we now have a case study of what happens to insurgents when private companies refuse to use these platforms to recruit, organize and incite violence.

The cowards melt away. Deplatforming works. Delegitimizing people like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Trump works. The day of the inauguration proved this.

My fear of inauguration violence by President Joe Biden did not materialize – thank goodness. The day went smoothly. Covid-19 made this inauguration look different from all other non-white supremacists with red hats. Biden still had to hit Al Roker with his fist. Katy Perry has to sing Fireworks to fireworks. It was a beautiful day.

It’s fair to say that putti 25,000 soldiers on the ground and the Washington, DC lockdown for a week likely played a bigger role in securing the inauguration than Twitter’s temporary suspension of Majorie Taylor Greene. And one can only hope that the militarization of the ceremonial functions of government does not become a “new normal” that we must all endure.

But there was no analogous demonstration of force in state capitals that threatened to attack the Capitol insurgents and other extremist groups. While state governments were strengthening pre-inaugural security, they did not deal with the full military burlesque. However, on the day of reckoning, after months of threats and maskless protests and conspiracies to harm elected officials, no one showed the grudge. There was no “storm”. There was no “Kraken”. There was none West Side Story– Just the “sound of silence”.

Well, I shouldn’t say “nobody”. One appeared in Albany, New York, to protest the election. A handful turned up in Sacramento, California to do the same. A man has shown up in Vermont … to protest this injustice automated customer service from AT&T. I tried to document the “protests” in the state capitals nationwide on inauguration day because it turns out “Lone Trump Supporter” is my favorite phrase in English right now.


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