Twitter Launches Tag To Identify Bots On The Platform

Twitter: Is it robot or not? From now on, bot accounts on Twitter will be able to receive a new label, launched globally this Wednesday (16), which will help to more easily identify the interactions carried out with this type of profile on the platform.

Introduced in September of last year, when the testing period began, the Twitter bot identification tags released to everyone now provide more details about automated accounts. The humans responsible for the account and the purpose of that profile are some of the details displayed.

According to the microblog, the feature provides greater transparency and reliability, allowing the internet user to identify whether an account is a bot or not. From the data shown by the tool, people will have more information to decide which accounts to follow and which to get involved with, as the social network explains.

Automated accounts are those that perform actions programmed through the Twitter API. Among the “high quality” examples, it is worth mentioning the bots that help to download videos, update the weather information and the latest news and find jobs, but there are also the “bad bots”, used to spread fake news. , Among other things.

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