Twitter Resumes Accepting Requests For Profile Verification

The social network Twitter confirmed Monday (13) that the profile verification request process is working again.

To make the request, you need to access the profile settings on the platform and follow the steps including confirming your identity and arguing why you are receiving the account authentication seal – something given to celebrities, journalists, companies, government agencies and in other cases .

The last break was in August 2021 to “make improvements to the review and verification process”. This happened after reports that Twitter verified as legitimate accounts that belonged to robots, who had little time to live on the network and did not even post on their profile.

Back and forth

Before that, the previous months were also dominated by indecision on the part of the company. In November last year, the platform confirmed that verification had been indefinitely suspended so that: Twitter could rework the attribution and search policy.

In May 2021, the verification program was again suspended, this time due to the backlog of unanswered requests, and returned a few days later.

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