Twitter temporarily suspends verification program

Twitter: Due to the large number of requests it has received, Twitter last Friday (28) announced the temporary suspension of its profile verification program, which reopened on May 20. The social network had already warned that the process could take weeks, depending on the demand.

“We are packed,” the company said in a tweet. “That’s why we have to take a break to accept more [applications], as we review the ones that have been submitted. We will reopen soon! (we promise), ”he added. Eight days were enough for a true tsunami of interested and interested people to invade the company.

Reassessment Procedures

Under the new guidelines, institutions and persons who fall into the following categories can submit an application: government; companies, brands and non-profit organizations; journalism; education; e-Sports; and activists. So it is not surprising how many demonstrations have taken place in such a short period of time.

In addition, the rules, introduced in January of this year and due to be expanded in the coming months, replaced the requirements in effect until 2017, when the program was suspended after verification by a supremacist – whose posts were in conflict the standards of use of the platform.

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