Twitter Will Let You Search For Specific Tweets Within The Profiles

Twitter is one of the applications most used by users who want to know the latest news about what is happening in the world. Or at least the channels or celebrities that interest them most. But sometimes what they need isn’t the news, but what’s in the past of these profiles. For this reason, Twitter launches a function that allows you to search for tweets from a specific profile.

You can finally search for tweets from a profile

Sometimes searching for messages from a Twitter user is a daunting task. If you more or less remember the date they were written, all you have to do is scroll a bit until you find the content. Otherwise your search will be a bit fruitless and you will have to move your fingers up and down the screen until you find it.

However, Jack Dorsey’s have decided to work on a new feature that will allow you to find tweets within a specific profile. Based on what we read on The Verge, the feature can be seen as a magnifying glass placed on top of a user’s profile. Then you just have to write the words you think the message contains and then the results will appear as if you were using the traditional search engine.

In fact, it works the same way as the YouTube channel search engine, allowing you to perform a search targeting all the content that particular channel has uploaded. At the moment, this feature has only been confirmed in the version of the application for iOS mobile devices, so we will have to wait for more details about the departure for users of the Android system, as well as the official departure date.

Other news Twitter has brought us

The microblogging application continues to amaze us. The search engine you’re on is just one example, but we’ve also seen some very interesting news from the company. The clearest example is the verification that has reopened this year, something many users are asking for. The other feature coming up is the full screen mode in the Android app, something that makes it very elegant on an aesthetic level and accessible to all multimedia content.

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