Two big cat sightings reported at an abandoned golf course in Chester

Two big cat sightings were reported by passers-by in Chester.

The mockery has been taking place near the Countess of Chester Country Park for the past few weeks.

The first took place on the evening of March 23rd by a man walking his dog.

Kali Hagensweep believes she saw a puma when it got dark CheshireLive reports.

He said, “In the light on the forehead of the hill I could see a long, dark figure, my dog ​​is a Doberman and it must have felt something, but it was crouching. I wouldn’t move

“As soon as I got my cell phone out, it went over the other side of the hill, I was close enough to see how long the tail was and now I can tell you that this wasn’t a dog !! I can’t quite believe it, never believed in this stuff, but I know what I’ve definitely seen! “

The next incident occurred in the early morning of March 29th by Stuart Evens walking along the canal and approaching Country Park near the Mollington Banastre Hotel and Parkgate Road.

Stuart said, “I looked across the fields to my left and saw a large black creature. I stopped to get a better look and what made me do it was the size and the tail. It was a really long tail that I’ve never seen on a dog, nor did it move like any dog.

“It kind of” sneaked in “and you could see his shoulder blades moving.

“There was also a rush of his tail instead of a car. There was an element of fear, but more adrenaline.”

The two sightings come just weeks after two previous sightings on the same night, just a mile away on Blacon’s Gorse Hill, behind Sealand Road Asda.

A large, muscular black animal was spotted and, like the sightings near Countess Country Park, a witness reported that the animal had a “big tail” and “frozen” its dog in shock.

The other witness said, “after a google search it was definitely what looks like a cougar”.

Big cat sightings have become commonplace in the Chester area.

In December, an Uber Eats driver snapped a picture of a massive black cat on Chester Meadows.

Also in the past few weeks, a worker spotted a large cat a few miles away when a footprint was also found in Ince Marshes.


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