Two Brits arrested over murder of ex-worker of slain crime boss in Tenerife

Two Britons were arrested for the murder of a former French Foreign Legion soldier who worked for the murdered crime boss John Goldfinger Palmer.

Police in Tenerife today confirmed that the nameless suspects have been held by Bedfordshire police officers on European arrest warrants in connection with the murder on the Spanish holiday island.

The 61-year-old victim worked for timeshare crook Palmer in Tenerife for nine years.

He was found dead last month in an abandoned bar on the so-called Coast of Silence in Arona.

He was reported to have sustained multiple injuries at the time, and police were known to be chasing two men who had left the scene.

Crime boss Palmer was shot and killed six times at close range in the garden of his home in South Weald, Essex on June 24, 2015.

A spokesman for the Tenerife Civil Guard confirmed today: “The alleged murderers, two British nationals aged 37 and 27 who had only been in Tenerife for two months at the time of the crime, were arrested by Bedfordshire police and are currently in custody .

“They are believed to have left Spain days after the crime and hours before the victim’s body was discovered.”

John 'Goldfinger' Palmer, who was killed himself in 2015

The police added in a statement: “The victim is a French man who lived for a few months in a building behind some tennis courts.

“His body was found in a state of advanced deterioration last March.

“Evidence was found on his body indicating that he was a victim of violence by other people and a murder investigation is underway.”

The dead man’s sister warned by reporting him missing.

The tennis courts where Angelo's body was found in Tenebel

He was named shortly after his death only by his first two names and the initials of his last name – Angelo Michel Y.C.C. – named even though he was known locally as Miguel.

He was last seen on February 25th last year.

In an interview with a local newspaper shortly before his death, the father of seven revealed his connection to John Palmer.

He said: “I moved to Tenerife in 1986 and worked for John Palmer for nine years.

“I’ve been married four times, have seven children and three grandchildren.

“I studied in France and joined the French Foreign Legion, where I became a lieutenant for 15 years.”

When asked if he took part in wars, he added: “Yes, Kosovo, Angola, Rwanda and many others.”

According to reports at the time of his death, the two suspects were reported to have returned from a local carnival and had an argument with the dead person while trying to enter the area where he was sleeping.

His murder is not believed to be related to his work with Palmer.

Palmer’s killer remains at large.

The nameless British couple are expected to face extradition proceedings in the near future, despite the fact that Spanish police said today they have “open issues” to resolve with the UK authorities.


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