Two holidaymakers fall to their deaths in Majorca trying to climb cliff

The victims between the ages of 40 and 50 are said to have fallen from rocks in Portocolom. The two men are said to have died on the scene when they landed in the water

The incident occurred in Portocolom, Mallorca (

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Two British tourists have died after falling off a cliff in Mallorca.

The victims between the ages of 40 and 50 are said to have fallen from rocks in Portocolom on the east coast of the island.

The two men are believed to have died on the scene when they landed between two caves known locally as Cala Mitjana and Cala Sa Nau.

They were reportedly part of a group of four – but officials on the island said only two of them fell into the sea and died.

They are believed to have been practicing psicobloc – a sport that consists of climbing walls or cliffs without ropes – when the incident occurred.

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The incident happened around 1 p.m. today



A member of the public discovered a body floating in the sea and alerted the rescue services, so Mallorca Newspaper.

The Guardia Civil, the Maritime Safety Agency and the local police rushed to the scene of the accident at 1 p.m. today. Mallorca Daily Bulletin reported.

When they arrived, they also found another body in a nearby cave.

The bodies of the victims were recovered from the water and taken to the port of Portocolom.

The two deceased reportedly spoke English, but their identities have not yet been confirmed.

The Guardia Civil said an investigation into the deaths was opened to clarify the circumstances surrounding the incident.

It is believed that the victims practiced psicobloc



Miguel Chicon, Head of the Balearic Rescue Center in Palma, said: “A witness here in Spain called the 999 service equivalent to report that two men were in trouble in the water.

“It may well have been that they were climbers who practiced what is known here as psicobloc because of the type of shoes they wore, but I can’t confirm that at this point.

“A Coast Guard ship called Salvamar Illes Pitiuses has been mobilized, a Coast Guard helicopter called Helimar 205 and a Civil Guard helicopter with specialist GEA officers trained to conduct underwater rescues.

“Ultimately, a private ship that was in the area recovered the body of one of the men because the water was too shallow for our ship to come near and brought it back to Portocolom.

“The other man’s body was recovered in a joint operation between the same private ship and the Salvamar Illes Pitiuses.

“Both men were practiced CPR, but there was nothing that could be done to save their lives and they were pronounced dead on the scene.”

According to local reports, a “tourist witness” who saw one of the men fall practiced CPR on him while waiting for rescue workers.

Well-placed sources described him as British but said they couldn’t confirm whether he was with the two men who fell to their deaths.

The autopsies will attempt to determine whether the victims died from drowning or head injuries from falling rocks, or whether they landed on rocks while falling.

Psicobloc is a type of climbing that is characterized by its height and location on the water.

Water sports Mallorca explains: “It consists of climbing on the water and without a rope.

“Sea, pool, swamp, lake… are the only protection against falling. You have to be careful because the stretches are long, very high and sharp, and the higher you are, the greater the risk of falling due to fatigue. “

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