Two pilots killed in horror plane crash as gender-reveal stunt goes wrong

Two pilots were killed in a horror airplane crash when a gender exposure stunt went horribly wrong.

The incident occurred yesterday (March 30) at around 3:30 p.m. over the Caribbean Sea in the Nichupte Lagoon off the coast of the city of Cancun in southeastern Mexico.

The couple and their guests, who were celebrating a gender unveiling party according to Milenio News Agency, were all watching from a boat and can hear cheers as the light aircraft performs tricks right above their heads.

The crowd can be heard repeatedly screaming, “It’s a girl” as they point to the little airplane flying with a sign behind it showing that the baby is a girl.

One hears a person jokingly saying, “All is well as long as it doesn’t clash with us.”

The atmosphere changes within seconds when the audience realizes that the plane is heading straight for the water.

The plane, which was rented for the party from a company called Xomex, crashes into the ocean and disappears under the waves.

The cameraman reacts to the crash and says, “That can’t happen,” while others hear screams.

Local media reported differently about the number of people on board the Cessna aircraft, according to which the crew consisted of between two and four people.

According to the Mexican news agency Debate, the Navy came to the aid of those involved in the crash.

Horrified guests could hear screams as the plane crashed into the sea

They rescued the pilot and co-pilot from the water, but one died during the rescue and the other was pronounced dead while receiving first aid on dry land.

The Federal Office of Civil Aviation has started investigations into the causes of the crash.

It comes after a series of reports of gender revelations that went wrong.

Earlier this year, a man was killed at a baby shower party after a cannon reportedly exploded to reveal the sex.

Evan Silva, 26, was killed in a separate gender reveal that went wrong

Heartbroken friends and relatives have since paid tribute to Evan Silva, 26, who was fatally injured after the explosion in a home in Michigan, United States.

The victim is said to have stood near the place where the cannon’s fuse was lit during the party.

However, investigators said the celebration ended in an instant when the cannon, which was supposed to signal the child’s new arrival, instead exploded in the crowd.

Two pilots killed in horror plane crash as gender-reveal stunt goes wrong 1

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Mr Silva reportedly died when a piece of splinter hit his chest. Investigators say the man who is a family friend wasn’t the one who lit the fuse.

Michigan State Police spokeswoman Lt. Liz Rich said, “(It was) similar to a signal gun.

“The homeowner reported that it had been shot several times. If such a device is not inspected regularly, the casting material can wear out. “

“The poured material exploded, sending projectiles in all directions.


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