Two pilots under investigation for 'drawing a gigantic penis in sky'

Two pilots under investigation for 'drawing a gigantic penis in sky'

Two pilots are under investigation for allegedly performing phallic turns in Russian airspace in a bizarre act of solidarity with the country’s soccer captain.

The unnamed Pobeda airline crew reportedly maneuvered the plane to raise a penis in support of Russian crew captain Artem Dzyuba, who was suspended from international service after footage of him having sex in bed online were leaked.

A video shows an alleged X-rated detour that flight DP407 took en route from Moscow to Yekaterinburg on November 11th.

RT, owned by the Kremlin, called it a “spherical flight path,” but asked whether the alleged stunt was “a little too cocky”.

“This was probably the way the Pobeda captains expressed their support for Russian team captain Artem Dzyuba and showed that he was being bullied,” an airline spokesman said.

It was later confirmed that the Federal Aviation Office was investigating the “phallic protest” against the city of Neftekamsk.

According to reports, the crew asked for permission to perform maneuvers “because the radio navigation equipment needs to be checked”.

It is known that the scheduled flight on the low-cost airline Pobeda – part of the national airline Aeroflot – landed in Yekaterinburg 20 minutes late.

Oleg Panteleev, managing director of the Aviaport agency, told the RBC news agency that it was checking whether the crew had received permission to perform unusual maneuvers in Neftekamsk and whether the turns in the sky would endanger safety.

The probe also checks whether the crew has exceeded the limits of ethical behavior.

Two pilots under investigation for 'drawing a gigantic penis in sky' 1

Two pilots under investigation for 'drawing a gigantic penis in sky' 2

Roman Gusarov, editor-in-chief of, said: “You have to be crazy to perform such maneuvers.

“Such things are severely punished.”

He added that, if true, the stunt “appears extremely dangerous because the traffic density is high and the air corridors are narrow.

Mr. Gusarov said: “In addition, drawing something like that and then admitting it means professing hooliganism.”

Separately, FSB security is investigating whether the 32-year-old Zenit St. Petersburg player was blackmailed for $ 5 million for the compromising video allegedly hacked from his cell phone.

The married gamer reportedly met a hacker who was responsible for stealing the intimate footage but refused to pay the ransom.



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