Two trains crash head-on killing at least 32 people and leaving 66 injured

At least 32 people have died after two trains collided head-on in Egypt.

According to reports, more than 66 other people were injured in the accident north of the city of Sohag.

Dozens of ambulances are on site taking people to the hospital. The country’s health minister is also said to be on the road.

Pictures on social media show people standing on the wrecks near a body of water.

Clips also show passengers emerging from the damaged cars, with rescue workers trying to clear debris.

“The trains collided at not very high speeds, which resulted in the destruction of two cars and the overturning of a third car,” said a security source.

The cause of the crash near the Nile-side city of Tahta, about 365 km south of Cairo, was attributed to the pulling of the emergency brakes.

Two trains collide near the city of Sohag

The Egyptian Railway Authority said the brakes had been triggered by “unknown people”, causing one of the trains to stop and the other to hit it from behind.

Prosecutors said they had ordered an investigation into the accident.

The railway authority is also conducting an investigation, it said.

Egypt has one of the oldest and largest rail networks in the region, and fatalities are common.


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