Two triplets drown in neighbour's pond after mistaking it for paddling pool

Two triplets drown in neighbour's pond after mistaking it for paddling pool

Two triplets tragically drowned in their neighbor’s garden after mistaking a fish pond for a paddling pool.

The boy and girl were reportedly running across the street with the third of a kind and their older siblings while their parents were napping.

Two of the children drowned in summer in the city of Greven in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The parents of the two-year-olds are said to have rested when they ran across the street on Thursday afternoon with the third of a kind and the older sister of the siblings.

The four children crossed the street and found the goldfish pond in the neighbor’s garden.

The children are reported to have mistaken it for a paddling pool like the one they had on their balcony.

The neighbor discovered the lifeless bodies of the siblings in the water at 4.15 p.m.

They alerted the emergency services, who arrived on site and immediately started resuscitation, but ultimately could not save the young children.

The young children, a boy and a girl, were brought to the university hospital in the nearby city of Münster in critical condition.

The boy died first, followed by his sister, the prosecutor said.

The police, who investigated the incident, found that no duty of care had been violated and described the sibling’s death as a tragic accident.

The neighbor and the family of young children are in shock and are being treated by experts, reports say.

Local media did not name the family, but described them as originally from Albania.

A relative told the German newspaper Bild: “The children were used to the water and always played in the paddling pool on the balcony.

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“So they thought the pond was a pond and thought they could bathe in it. They drowned.”

According to the German network NDTVAccording to authorities, 16 people died in garden ponds, private pools, paddling pools or streams in 2017.

The country’s authorities warned that private garden ponds with security measures should be built to keep children away.

Gates and pond crossings recommended by officials should be secured so that children cannot get into the water.



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