U.S., Canada extend border closure for at least another month

Blair added that the Trudeau administration’s top priority is protecting Canadians in the fight against Covid-19.

The limitations: The land crossings between Canada and the US have been closed to non-essential travel since March 2020 when public health measures were imposed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Countries have renewed a monthly agreement to keep restrictions in place – and the next one expires on June 21.

Last week Canada signaled that it would begin easing quarantine requirements for returning Canadians, permanent residents and other people allowed to enter the country in the first week of July.

Blair said Friday that more details about the changes will be announced on Monday.

The pressure: The big question is when Canada will reopen its border to international travelers.

With vaccination rates rising on both sides of the border, Canadian and U.S. lawmakers, business leaders and families who have been separated from their loved ones for more than a year have put Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Joe Biden under pressure to restrict restrictions on fully vaccinated travelers to loosen.

The delays have raised concerns that governments are being guided more by politics than science.

Provincial presidents such as Ontario’s Doug Ford have urged the Trudeau administration to maintain strict border measures, while recent opinion polls indicated that many Canadians would like to keep the border restrictions until the end of the summer.

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