Uber driver waving Brit passport in Kabul in bid to escape Taliban rescued on RAF flight

Helmand Khan from West London came to Afghanistan a few months ago with his young children to visit relatives. He was flown aboard an RAF C-17 transport aircraft with around 265 British and Afghan nationals over the weekend

Helmand Khan was in the country visiting relatives

An Uber driver from west London waving passports in front of an embassy building in Kabul is among more than 200 flown to safety after fleeing the Taliban.

The Department of Defense said a total of 5,725 British and Afghan nationals have been evacuated since the rescue mission began on August 13.

Among those rescued are 3,100 Afghans, including interpreters who have assisted the British armed forces, as well as others eligible under the Afghan Resettlement and Assistance Program, embassy staff and nationals of partner countries.

One of those who made it on an RAF flight on Saturday was Helmand Khan, an Uber driver from west London who came to Afghanistan with his young children a few months ago to visit relatives.

He was flown along with around 265 British and Afghan nationals on board an RAF C-17 transport aircraft that left Kabul for RAF Brize Norton over the weekend.

The Department of Defense said it was “impractical” to go without US support


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He had previously been seen shoving his British passport on television crews as he tried to get into an area where the British Embassy housed evacuees.

He told the BBC at the time: “You saw with the British passport, these are my children! I came at five in the morning but I’m still waiting. I’ve been trying to go in for the last three days. “

The sun reports that he was lucky enough to survive fatal airport collisions and make it out of the country on a weekend flight.

Meanwhile, ex-military chiefs have urged the prime minister to continue the evacuation mission for Afghanistan without the US getting the last British out of the country.

The US has set August 31 as the evacuation deadline



But the Defense Department said it would be “impractical” without the partnership and another expert said it was “naive”.

It has been reported that Boris Johnson is expected to use a G7 meeting on Tuesday to urge Joe Biden to extend the evacuation period beyond August 31.

In a tweet, he said it was “important that the international community work together to ensure safe evacuations”.

But the US president signaled on Sunday that he did not want his armed forces to remain in the country beyond August.

Now ex-military chiefs have said the UK should continue evacuating even if the US withdraws its troops.

They will have a G7 meeting on Tuesday


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The sun reports Retired Major General Tim Cross, who served in Iraq and Kosovo, said, “What is the use of having armed forces if we cannot hold a single airfield? It makes the whole global idea of ​​Britain a joke. ”

Colonel Richard Kemp, a retired officer who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, said: “We are one of the most powerful military nations in the world.

“We should stay until we have the last Brit and everyone we need out.”

He warned that Britain would look “politically weak and militarily weak” if it followed the Americans to the exit.

A Defense Department spokesman appeared to have poured cold water on the idea of ​​continuing the evacuation without the assistance of his key ally.

They said of the US military presence: “Without this partnership, it would be impractical to secure the airport and continue the evacuation mission.”

Others agreed it was a bad idea.

Former army chief Lord Richard Dannatt said he could understand “why people want to keep going,” but said it would make more sense to leave as soon as the US does.

And security expert Charlie Herbert said of the calls for the British to stay, it was “a wonderful buccaneer preservation, but rather naive”.


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