Uber Will Produce Customized Electric Taxis in Partnership With Arrival

UberArrival is a British start-up that is revolutionizing the strategy of major car manufacturers by prioritizing highly automated micro-factories over assembly lines. It has just announced a partnership with Uber to produce electric taxis with an emphasis on driver comfort.

With the planned start of production in the third quarter of 2023, the companies are working together on the design of the vehicle, which should be ready by the end of this year. Uber The drivers were invited to contribute to the creation process, to ensure that the new cars are “adapted” to their needs.

In addition to providing more comfort for drivers who spend hours behind the wheel every day, the aim is to use resistant materials in the manufacture and to be easy to clean. Other specifications include a fold-down front passenger seat for extra luggage and a panoramic glass roof.

Uber’s electrification plans

The initiative ties in with Uber’s plans, announced last year, to become a fully electric mobility platform: by 2025 in London, 2030 in North America and Europe, and globally by 2040. In this sense, the American multinational recently launched Uber Green, so that passengers can opt for an electric car at no extra cost; and drivers, lower service costs.

Arrival cars may be one of the options Uber drivers wishing to migrate to trams, especially in London, where they are eligible for so-called EV Assistance, which provides incentives within the company’s ‘Clean Air Plan’ initiative, launched in 2018, and currently with an amount of resources to support drivers support which reached £ 135 million, more than R $ 1 billion.

Uber has not yet announced when the arrival cars will be officially made available.

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