UK arrivals could be told to isolate in hotels to stop spread

Quarantine in hotels is planned for those coming to the UK from abroad.

The move, which Downing Street is reportedly considering, could also apply to Brits – and they would have to pay for it themselves.

According to the mirrorMinisters will discuss the stricter restrictions from tomorrow (Monday).

It was reported that the quarantine period would last 10 days and travelers would have to provide evidence that they were complying with the rules.

Although the move is believed to be backed by the Cabinet for International Travelers, there is still some debate over whether the rules should apply to all Britons.

A source told The Sun, “It is likely that all arrivals from certain areas will be staying at a hotel.

“It would be too big a risk to expect everyone to self-isolate at home for this period.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said at a press conference on Friday that the UK may need to take further action to protect its borders from new variants of Covid-19.


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