UK could be hotter than Saint Tropez next week

Britain could break its record high in March next week after a “mixed” weekend, forecasters said.

Parts of the UK will be hotter than Saint Tropez and Ibiza as mercury in southeast England could soar to 24 ° C by Tuesday.

It would only be the second day in March that the temperature hit this high in the records of 1884.

The maximum temperature recorded in March was 25.6 ° C on March 29, 1968 at Mepal, Cambridgeshire.

But it would come after some winter showers for some over the weekend.

There will be strong winds and rain in areas to the north, especially in parts of western Scotland where a yellow rain warning will be in place from Saturday evening.

Those who live in these regions can expect 80-100mm of rainfall, with a potential of 150-250mm above the highest ground, the Met Office said.

Parts of southern England and Wales have sunny conditions on Saturday before a gray and windy Sunday.

Temperatures are expected to peak at 14 ° C.

Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst told PA news agency: “The weekend should be a mixed one for many with a major north-south divide.

“In the southern regions, the warmer, sunnier conditions with a strip of rain on Saturday afternoon are sure to sweep through Northern Ireland before heading into parts of northern England and Scotland.

“Saturday will certainly be the better of the two days, with Sunday going to be windy and gray for most.”

Mr Dewhurst said south winds would move in along with a high pressure area on Monday.

He added: “For the next week, large parts of southern England and Wales will be dry in warmer temperatures than expected for this time of year, the average for March being between 11 and 12 ° C.

“The mercury could reach a high of about 18 ° C on Monday and a high of 24 ° C on Tuesday.

“Much of the UK will stay dry and light through Wednesday, while parts of Scotland will see heavy showers.”

Conditions should change again from the middle of the week, said the Met Office. The cold air from the north brought another drop in temperature for the Easter weekend.

The coldest Easter weekend ever was in 2013 when Easter Sunday recorded minus 12.5 ° C in Braemar, Aberdeenshire, while the wettest such as 1991 when Easter Monday recorded 108.7 mm of rainfall in Seatoller, Cumbria.


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