UK facing child sex abuse epidemic, says Sajid Javid

The UK is facing an epidemic of child sexual abuse, Sajid Javid said when a report was released that “reveals the real magnitude of the threat”.

On social media, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer said: “Our country is facing an epidemic of child sexual abuse. Last year, I conducted an unqualified investigation with the Center for Social Justice to uncover the true extent of the threat and help put the tide on it appalling crimes.

“Today we are publishing the final report. The results are uncomfortable in some places. However, I believe that alongside the hard truths it offers a sense of hope. This problem is not insurmountable. There is much more we can do.”

Mr Javid said the report made 96 actionable, intergovernmental policy recommendations and:

  • Identifies loopholes that registered sex offenders use to stay under the radar.
  • Provides a blueprint for how tech companies can better keep children safe online.
  • Includes ways to combat a culture of weak to nonexistent convictions of abusers.
  • Suggests how we can better support the victims to fight for justice
  • Arguments against victims who are punished for crimes they were compelled to commit.
  • Supports proactive police work to prevent shocking failures such as the cleaning gang scandal.
  • Suggests ways to ensure we don’t miss out when children are abused – including by increasing the number of trained school nurses.
  • Calls for new laws to combat live streaming – “a particularly insidious form of abuse”
  • Calls for the introduction of the Victims Act to ensure the rights of victims and the support they can expect
  • Invites an independent commissioner on child sexual abuse and a new cabinet committee to ensure that meaningful action is taken to protect some of our society’s most precious members.

“The project was a love job for me and for the great people I had the pleasure to work with,” said Javid.

“I want to thank our seasoned commissioners and the talented, brave group of survivors who have shaped our work from start to finish.”


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