UK government imposes 3-week national lockdown

LONDON – The UK was completely banned on Monday as the UK government tried to curb the growing number of coronavirus cases that have occurred in the country. The ban, which will be revalued in three weeks, will close all transactions that are not considered essential, said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“It is now time for us all to do more,” Johnson said on Monday evening in a speech to the nation.

The strict new measures are being enforced by the police and are aimed at limiting people’s movements as fears that the UK health care system will be overwhelmed by the coronavirus unless the pandemic spreads slowly.

Johnson said he wanted “to give the British people a very simple instruction: you have to stay home.”

However, people will be allowed to leave their homes to shop for “basic needs”, do sports once a day for medical reasons, care for a needy person, and travel to and from work “when absolutely necessary is “. He added. Meetings of more than two people in public would be prohibited.

All nonessential businesses would have to be closed and social events such as weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies would be postponed. Funerals could take place, but only close family members attended, the prime minister said.

Johnson had refused to force his population to take the blocking measures common in the US and across Europe, despite announcing that schools, pubs, cafes, restaurants, night clubs, and gyms should be closed.

But much of the population had ignored the advice of staying away from the crowds, as many Brits went to beaches and parks on weekends. Images of subways full of commuters have also gone viral.

With 335 fatalities, coronavirus deaths in the UK are beginning to increase. Government experts warn that the only way to contain the disease is to drastically control people’s social lives for 18 months until a vaccine is found.

More than 6,000 people died in Italy, where some hospitals were overwhelmed. The government has banned most travel and has issued an order to freeze all non-essential business activities to keep more people at home. Businesses must remain closed until April 3. In Spain, the death toll reached 2,182 just three days after reaching 1,000.

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