UK in 11th place globally for highest disposable income

Experts at published data comparing minimum wages around the world to the cost of living around the world to produce a “Worldwide Wage Report”.

In the report, the UK ranks 11th with an average disposable income of £ 64.50 per month. However, the country’s average disposable income was well above the global average of £ -93.76.

The UK was also recognized as the country with the highest monthly cost of living at £ 1,334.43 – a number just a fraction below their average monthly minimum wage (£ 1,398.93).

However, the top spot with the highest disposable income is France.

French citizens with minimum wages have the highest disposable income of any nation, reports At an average of £ 339.30 per month after the cost of living, the monthly minimum wage in France is the third highest in the world at just over £ 1,500 per month.

Turkey followed in second place, followed by Poland.

You can view the report and the results – including the full top 10 countries – online, here.

Interestingly, the report also showed the countries with the lowest monthly disposable income.

At the other end of the scale, the US ranks first with the lowest monthly disposable income.

Americans, on average, lose a massive £ 637.63 every month when they earn the minimum wage. Tipping is much more common in the United States and is needed as a supplement to the low wages in the land of the free.

The USA followed Israel and Slovakia.

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