UK lockdown roadmap counted down day by day

We all have a vague idea of ​​when certain restrictions will be lifted, but how many days do we have to wait?

The government’s roadmap for the lockdown has been in place for a few weeks and remains in place until now, as Covid infection rates and deaths drop as vaccinations keep flying despite some bumps in the road.

On Monday, Boris Johnson will make an announcement when he’ll outline the next steps out of England’s lockdown – including topics like international travel and Covid passports.

His briefing will take a week before a number of restrictions in the nation are lifted.

Unnecessary stores can reopen from April 12th. In his announcement on Monday, Mr Johnson is also expected to confirm whether pub beer gardens and hairdressers will also reopen that day.

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Triggering Step 2 as planned depends on four tests: infection rates, introduction of the vaccine, new variants, and hospitalizations and deaths.

Boris Johnson will host a crunch meeting on Monday morning to decide whether step two of England’s lockdown roadmap can be carried out.

Step two is planned for the opening of pub beer gardens, hairdressers, fitness studios and independent house holidays from April 12th at the earliest.

The Prime Minister had promised to give companies a week in advance of the reopening – which means that confirmation should come on Monday evening.

The final decision will only be made hours before a public announcement on Monday after the latest scientific data has been reviewed.

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He will also discuss when to start overseas travel, while also expected to bring up the thorny issue of Covid passports – which could mean requiring you to prove that you have been vaccinated, for example on the NHS Covid-19 app to to get this in a pub.

But the prime minister has hinted it might be more vague. He said certification could either refer to a vaccine, or whether you had a recent test, or your antibody status – or a combination of the three.

If everything goes on as planned here, you’ll have to wait to see exactly how many days you wait for certain venues to open or do the activity you were looking forward to.

When can I drink in a pub garden?

In eight days.

This is a day that many have dreamed of and that will keep their fingers crossed for a week on Monday.

Hospitality locations can only be served outdoors and customers have to order, eat and drink while seated. This time, however, it is not necessary to order a “substantial meal”.

When can I fix this lockdown hair?

In eight days.

April 12th is a key date for many.

The other thing that many people look forward to the most is the much-needed haircut.

Barbers at Barnets in Cleethorpes wear PPE including visors to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Many have been driven to the wall by the wild mop, fading paint, or poor home improvement.

But from a week on Monday, hairdressers and hairdressers will finally open again.

When can I go to the gym or not go wild swimming?

In eight days

Watching a fitness video on Youtube or pulling yourself out to run is not for everyone.

And going to the seaside or a lake in winter or spring is certainly not for everyone.

The refurbished leisure pool at Woodford Leisure Center

Fortunately, indoor leisure facilities such as gyms and swimming pools are also reopening – but only for people who work alone or with their household.

What about meeting more people outside?

In 43 days

We have now had almost a week to meet up to six people outside who are not in our household or in our bladder.

But when can we relax with a few more people, socially distant of course?

Find the vaccination centers near you

The wait takes a little longer. It will be another 43 days before we can meet up to 30 people outside.

In the open air, most of the rules for social interaction are being overturned – although gatherings of over 30 people remain illegal.

When can I hang out with people inside?

In 43 days

Ironically, we can finally get inside on May 17th, at a time when we expect the weather to really improve.

Indoors, you can meet up with up to six people who are not in your household or in your bladder, or with a larger number of people from just two households.

When can I have something to eat or have a coffee and actually sit inside?

In 43 days

Indoor hospitality i.e. restaurants, pubs and cafes can finally open their doors.

There will still be strict protocols and social distancing, but we have had to suffer the elements.

How about the cinema?

In 43 days

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Apple TV were our friends this past year.

But sometimes there’s nothing quite like going to the screen with an oversized tub of popcorn.

Vue cinema in Princes Quay shopping center in Hull

On May 17th we can go back to the cinema while the kids can enjoy the soft play center again.

When can I travel abroad?

In 43 days

Well, technically, even though there are so many hoops to jump through at this point, you might want to hang a fire.

It is more likely that a trip to this Mediterranean beach will have to be taken in July or August.

On Monday, Boris Johnson is expected to announce a three-tier traffic light system developed by the government’s Global Travel Taskforce.

Vacationers enjoy the beach in Praia Da Luz, Portugal

Travel to Great Britain from countries on the “Red List” would be prohibited, as this currently applies to 39 nations. The British return will be forced into hotel quarantine of £ 1,750.

A new “Amber” list would allow limited travel, but with testing and quarantine on return, and countries on the “green” list could be quarantined.

Traveling abroad is something of a moving festival, so do not rush to book this vacation.

When can we go clubbing or throw a party?

In 78 days at the earliest

This is the big moment when all restrictions will end.

The government decided to lift all restrictions on June 21 at the earliest.

However, it is expected that social distancing will persist and may face masks.

But there’s a lot that can happen in 78 days, so it’s best not to make solid plans.


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