UK sends 'small team' of armed forces to Poland amid rising tensions at Belarus border

The Defense Ministry said: “Britain and Poland have a long history of friendship and are NATO allies.” The statement comes amid tensions over the influx of migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus

Polish military police stop at the Polish-Belarusian border near Kuznica. guard (

Image: via REUTERS)

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) said a “small team” of armed forces had been sent to Poland “to resolve the ongoing situation on the Belarusian border”.

In a statement, the Department of Defense said a history of friendship is why they are sending troops.

The PA news agency is aware that its use is limited to providing technical support.

“Great Britain and Poland have a long history of friendship and are NATO allies,” the statement said.

“A small team of British forces has been deployed under an agreement with the Polish government to investigate how we can provide technical assistance to deal with the ongoing situation on the border with Belarus.”

A group of migrants moves along the Belarusian-Polish border towards a camp


BELTA / AFP via Getty Images)

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The statement comes amid tensions over the influx of migrants on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Migrants from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa previously trapped in Belarus were among the 2,000-strong crowd that made multiple attempts to invade Poland overnight, Warsaw said.

In response, Poland announced that it had reinforced its border with additional guards.

The EU accuses Minsk of luring migrants from war-torn and impoverished countries to force them to Poland to sow violent clashes on the eastern flank of the bloc.

UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet called on states to de-escalate and resolve the “unbearable” crisis.

Migrants gather in a makeshift camp on the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno Region, Belarus


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“These hundreds of men, women and children must not be forced to spend another night in freezing weather without adequate shelter, food, water and medical care,” she said.

“We are facing a brutal hybrid attack on our EU borders. Belarus is in a cynical and shocking way the plight of the arms migrants ”, said EU Council President Charles Michel.

The bloc’s 27 ambassadors agreed that this would provide a legal basis for further sanctions that could come as early as next week and target 30 individuals and organizations, including the Belarusian foreign minister and the national airline.

“At the beginning of next week there will be an expansion of the sanctions against Belarus very quickly,” EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters after a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Washington.

Belarusian military doctors provide medical care to a migrant in a makeshift camp


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“We will examine the possibility of sanctioning those airlines that facilitate human trafficking towards Minsk and then to the border between the EU and Belarus,” she added.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin blame the EU for this.

The Kremlin accused Europe of failing to live up to its own humanitarian ideals and of trying to “strangle” Belarus with plans to close part of the border.

Moscow said it was unacceptable for the EU to impose sanctions on Belarus because of the crisis.

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