UK virus deaths and admissions drop as PM prepares to ease lockdown

A total of 236 more people have died in Covid-19 in the UK, according to the latest daily data.

The Mirror online reports that the number was down 74 percent a month ago from the daily total.

Analysis shows that a week ago there were 290 deaths, a fortnight ago there were 445.

On February 6, a month ago today, there were 828 deaths.

The Ministry of Health also announced today that 5,947 more people tested positive for the virus, which has killed 124,261 people since the pandemic began.

Hospital admissions for coronavirus have also fallen sharply.

They are down almost 29 percent in a week, the latest statistics show. 10,898 patients are now being treated for the virus.

Government data through March 5 shows that of the 22,887,118 shocks given in the UK to date, 21,796,278 were first doses – an increase from 437,463 the previous day.

About 1,090,840 were second doses, an increase of 56,772.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Head of National Statistics (ONS), said earlier today that the lockdown was a “success” but the country is “still not out of the woods”.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that there had been “very sharp reductions everywhere”, although the decline “may have flattened out” in the northeast and east of England, unlike the southwest and southeast, which continued to decline in Cases.

The UK national statistician added: “I think this lockdown was a success, but at the same time we have declined sharply but still relatively high.

“I firmly believe that we should do everything we can not to blow it up at the national level.”

“We have done fantastically well over the past few months, but we are not completely out of the woods yet.”

He added that it was “very difficult” to tell the difference between the effect of the lockdown and the effect of the vaccine, but it was clear that both were working to reduce the number.


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