UK visitors to Spain, Netherlands and Sweden reporting Brexit travel problems

Brexit issues and rising coronavirus infections pose several travel problems for UK visitors trying to travel to EU countries.

Travelers to Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden were held at the borders after the UK left the internal market.

A number of expat passengers were stopped at Heathrow Airport while trying to board an Iberia airline flight to Spain after being told they did not have proper proof of residence.

The Spanish Embassy in London acknowledged that there had been “problems for UK nationals residing in Spain” and reiterated that both pre-Brexit and post-Brexit residence documents could be used.

Spain has banned all travel from the UK with the exception of its nationals and UK citizens with residency rights.

In the meantime, the Dutch police have confirmed that 10 Brits have been refused entry.

Deadline Lieutenant Mike Hofman of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee told the PA news agency: “After the start of Brexit, British citizens are no longer subject to EU regulations and, due to the corona, are only allowed to enter the Netherlands if this is absolutely necessary. ”

A number of British people living in Sweden have also been refused entry.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) confirmed that UK nationals should be able to travel to EU countries without a visa under the withdrawal agreement.

Their spokesman said, “However, in response to the coronavirus pandemic this is replacing, specific restrictions may exist.

“UK nationals and their family members who are EU residents and have a residence permit, certificate of application or document identifying them as cross-border commuters should not be subject to Covid-19 specific EU travel restrictions.

“However, Member States may require that they self-isolate or similar upon arrival, provided that they also ask their own nationals to do the same.

“The UK government is working closely with the EU and Member States to ensure that the provisions of the Withdrawal Agreement at the border work correctly and consistently.”

Birmingham Airport States: “Due to the recent increase in Covid-19 cases caused by a new variant, some overseas borders remain closed to travelers from the UK, which is why some flights are being canceled.

“After the UK leaves the EU, travelers can continue to book and travel with confidence. If traveling to Europe after that date, it is recommended that specific government advice here. ”


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