Ukraine-Russia war fears LIVE: Updates as concern grows of attack within 'minutes' of order

“Russians don’t start wars, we finish wars”

Russians do not start wars but they finish them, Vyacheslav Nikonov, first deputy chairman of the State Duma committee on international affairs, has said.

Mr Nikonov was asked on the BBC Radio 4’s World At One program whether he could see parallels between now and the days that preceded the Second World War and those “difficult days of that frantic diplomacy”.

He said: “All wars start more or less the same. As for the World War Two… for us, you know, we have a history of invasions from the West, a long history, many, many centuries, including, by the way, British invasions, as well.

“We were never invading Britain, but Britons were invading Russia. Remember the Crimean War?”

He added: “And for us, you know, this Nato approaching our borders seems very much the same, like Hitler.

“That’s, that’s how it looks to us. So for us, that’s the same sort of challenge. So, we do not want World War Two to repeat.

“Russians do not start wars, Russians finish wars.”

MOSCOW, RUSSIA – JANUARY 27, 2021: Vyacheslav Nikonov, chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Science and Education Committee, attends a plenary meeting of the Russian State Duma. Russian State Duma Photo Service/TASS (Photo by Russian State Duma Photo ServiceTASS via Getty Images)

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