Ukrainian man charged with ransomware attack that affected 1,500 U.S. businesses

Federal prosecutors on Monday brought charges against a Ukrainian accused of stealing millions of dollars through ransomware attacks targeting businesses in the US and around the world.

Jaroslaw Vasinskyj, 22, was arrested last month at the request of the US government while trying to enter Poland from Ukraine. The US is now demanding his extradition. Judicial documents unsealed on Monday accused him of carrying out around 2,500 ransomware attacks that resulted in payments of $ 2.3 million to unlock infected computer systems.

Prosecutors said he was involved in a widespread plot to spread a certain type of ransomware called Sodinokibi / REvil. A grand jury indictment said Vasinskyi and other co-conspirators wrote the software, which they first released in April 2019, and regularly refined it.

Court documents say ten American companies in eight states were among the victims. You have not been identified by name.

The Justice Department said he was behind an attack on a Miami-based company, Kaseya, that sells software to help small businesses control their computer networks. The attack, which occurred on the weekend of July 4th, affected at least 1,500 companies in the US and other countries by spreading through the Kaseya software it had infected.

It requested a ransom of $ 70 million in cyber currency for the key code used to unlock affected computers.

After the attack, President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin and asked him not to provide a safe haven for cyber criminals.

Late last week, Romanian authorities announced that they had arrested two people suspected of using REvil software to raise about $ 580,000. The arrests were part of an international law enforcement effort that involved 17 countries, all of which targeted the REvil ransomware attacks.

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