UK's Covid alert is to be reduced to level three

The four UK chief medical officers have agreed that the Covid-19 alert will be moved from level 4 to level 3, meaning that the “epidemic is in general circulation”.

A statement from Senior Physicians for England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales and NHS England National Medical Director Stephen Powys said: “On the advice of the Joint Biosecurity Center and given the latest data, the UK Senior Medical Officer and the National NHS England medical directors agree that the UK alert level should be moved from level 4 to level 3.

“Thanks to the UK public’s social distancing efforts and the impact of the vaccination program, the number of cases, deaths and pressures on the hospital in Covid have steadily decreased.

“However, Covid still circulates with people who catch and spread the virus every day. That is why we must all continue to be vigilant. This remains a major pandemic worldwide.

“It is very important that we all continue to follow the guidelines closely and that everyone is given both doses of the vaccine when offered.”

The five alert levels include:

Level 1 : COVID-19 is not known to be present in the UK

Level 2 : COVID-19 is present in the UK but the number of cases and transmission are low

level 3 : A COVID-19 epidemic is in general circulation

Level 4 : A COVID-19 epidemic is in general circulation; The transmission is high or increasing exponentially

Level 5 : From level 4 there is a considerable risk that the health services will be overwhelmed


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