UK's hottest day of 2021 so far as temperatures hit 28.6C

Britain has enjoyed its hottest day of the year yet.

The temperatures at Heathrow Airport in west London reached a hot 28.6 degrees Celsius today.

The south east of England had the hottest start to the week, with mercury reaching high teens only in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

The UK’s 2021 high to date was 28.3 ° C on June 2 in Northolt in northwest London.

The Met Office has warned people to be prepared when traveling due to the high levels of UV and pollen in much of England and Wales.

The hot start in June should give way to changing conditions in the middle of the week, as thunderstorms threaten disruption.

The eastern half of Wales and much of England are on a yellow weather warning Wednesday through Friday, and the Met Office said there was potential for travel disruptions and flooding.

Meteorologist Dan Stroud said: “We’ll probably get more and more changeable towards the weekend.

“There is still potential for some quieter periods and some warm weather is possible later in the month, but things will generally be more changeable from this weekend onwards.”

Away from the crackling southeast, the Euro 2020 fans cheering on Scotland north of the border had much cooler conditions.

While it was 17 degrees Celsius in Aberdeen, the temperature in Glasgow was a few degrees cooler.

The city where Scotland started its Euro 2020 campaign against the Czech Republic in Hampden Park only reached around 14 ° C, the Met Office said.

Northern Ireland hit a high of 17 ° C on Monday while Wales enjoyed a mild 24.4 ° C.

The day before, Northern Ireland and Wales recorded their warmest day of the year to date on Sunday with 27.4 ° C in Cardiff and 25.3 ° C at the Giant’s Causeway in Co Antrim.


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