'Unacceptable behaviour' Paramedic speaks out after attacker convicted

'Unacceptable behaviour' Paramedic speaks out after attacker convicted

A paramedic spoke out after his team was hit, kicked and spat on when they came to the rescue of an injured man.

Mike Jones revealed that he was hit in the chest by a thug who then spat in his face before turning on his two colleagues.

The patient then tried to fight Will Kivell in rugby and kicked Richard Waghorn in the ribs when they tried to help him too.

The trio of paramedics were attacked after responding to a potentially serious incident in Camelford, Cornwall, involving a man who had fallen and was reportedly passed out.

In the scene, they came across Kevin Spillane, 27, who appeared to be drunk and under the influence of drugs. He became verbally and physically aggressive when they arrived just after 8 p.m. on September 12.

Members of the public entered to hold the man back and the police were called.

Spillane, from Camelford, was arrested and detained and charged after receiving hospital treatment.

He was convicted in Exeter Magistrates’ Court on September 14 on four charges of assaulting rescue workers and given a 26-week prison term with a suspended sentence of 12 months

After the conviction, Mike, who needed treatment in the hospital emergency room, said, “I went to the ambulance to help people in need and I did not expect to be attacked.

“While I enjoy serving my community, being a medic can be challenging. This was one of the worst incidents I have been part of in my time with the ambulance service and my other role in the police force.

“Unfortunately, this also meant we couldn’t respond to patients during a busy night shift.”

Spillane was also asked to pay a total of £ 450 in compensation, which was locked for four months between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., and received a 20-day custodial rehabilitation warrant.

Co-victim Richard added after the fall: “A minority of people believe that ambulance personnel are there to be abused and attacked.

“Fortunately, other people came to help us that evening and without their interaction the result would have been far worse.”

A SWASFT spokesman said, “This is another horrific example of how our people are often viewed by some members of the public. We are glad that this person has been prosecuted.

“Nobody should face such unacceptable behavior, especially not our dedicated and compassionate health care professionals.

“Unfortunately, they are exposed to violence and aggression every day as they try to protect and save people’s lives, which can have dire consequences for them, their families and colleagues.

“Our employees put themselves at risk for others and we support all necessary measures to protect them from harm and to ensure that they feel safe.

“Please respect our people and help them help you.”

Ambulance workers reported 153 physical assaults by patients and other members of the public between March 23 and September 23. This corresponds to an increase of 58 percent compared to the 97 reported attacks in the same period in 2019.

They also reported 249 cases of verbal abuse during the six months, compared with 228 in the previous year. More than one in four (69) verbal incidents were committed by callers to 999 control room employees.



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